Special K Tour – Kritter


Some facts to keep in mind before talking about what Kritter’s show is like are the following important points that endorse them.

  • Kritter made history by being the first metal band to include the anthem of a soccer team in one of their songs, in this case the anthem of Unionistas de Salamanca.
  • The band was crowned as the winner of the first edition of the “Forjando Leyendas” contest, demonstrating their great potential and ability in the music scene.
  • They have been finalists in the prestigious battle of bands for Wacken, which is a great achievement in the metal scene.
  • Abroad, besides having played in 6 different countries, they have toured extensively in Russia, demonstrating their ability to connect with audiences from different countries and cultures.

It is important to mention that these milestones have been a great point of reference and a great achievement for the band, as it has not only allowed them to grow and expand their music, but has also helped to increase their popularity and presence in the music scene.

These milestones are a sign of the dedication and effort that the band has put into their career and the great potential they have for the future.